More Of Little Samseng In Action

Baby can now climb up the sofa effortlessly in a flash. She’s really draining my mil and I out. And she loves to see us panick and run to her like a headless chicken when she’s climbing onto the sofa. One moment we see her walking and the next moment when we turn our backs on her, she’s already up the sofa with a smug look on her face and a victorious smile. Yesterday she fell and bumped her forehead when she was running. Now there’s a bruise and blue-black ‘bungalow’ on her forehead.

Once (about 2 weeks back), I pushed the playpen and the highchair against the sofa to prevent her from climbing up the sofa. But this fler outwitted me. Without even stopping to think how to climb up the sofa, she nonchalantly pushed the playpen away with one hand and slipped her tiny frame through the gap and climbed up the sofa. In fact, better for her coz she had the playpen to support her legs to push her way up the sofa, haih…..

Smug look! Told ya ma..mee I’m smart!  Easy peasy for me to climb up that sofa. No need to put the playpen there lar….

And from one sofa, she swiftly climbed over to the other where the highchair was placed to block her way, as if to show me she’s smart and to tell me “you think I’m stupid ar huh mamee? I can climb over wat!”. My mil and I were both dumbfounded and could only laugh when we saw her doing that.

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