More Antics From Princess Wannabe

Not only does #2 go under the table to do her homework, she even eats under her bed. She had asked me if she could eat a small packet of fish muruku. I told her that if she finished her lunch, she could have it. Now, this fler needs a little reward like this all the time in order to motivate her to finish her food. So after gobbling down her lunch, she happily claimed her packet of fish muruku from me and wandered off. As usual, I was too busy feeding Baby. When I realized that the house was unusually quiet, I searched for her high and low and then, I just had a hunch that she would be under something and true to my instinct, I found her happily munching her packet of fish muruku in her room under the bed!

I shooed her off from under the bed but minutes later when I stepped out to the dining area, I saw her lying tummy down on top of the dining table as she continued munching on her fish muruku *shakes head in disbelief*!

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