Baby Enjoys Hair-do By Mah Mah

Baby used to hate having her hair tied-up or clipped up but lately, she has started to be vain and now likes having her hair coiffured. However, at times she will still pull the hairbands or clips out from her hair and starts playing with them or chews on them!

These days, she will point to the drawer where we put all the hair accessories whenever she’s in the mood for her hair to be clipped up and she would only do it if she sees mah mah coz she loves having her hair done by mah mah.

Here she is enjoying a ‘pan leng leng’ hair-do session where mah mah clipped up her hair….

But the clips didn’t get to stay long on her hair. After a while, she pulled the hair clips out and chewed on them. When she could not remove the remaining hair clips on her head, she shoke her head until the clips fell off from her hair muahahahaha!

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