Thanks-Giving At St. Anne’s Church @ Bukit Mertajam

After Baby’s discharge from the hospital in Penang following her 2 surgeries in May this year, we stopped by St. Anne’s Church @ Bukit Mertajam on our way back to Ipoh/KL. That was for us to send in our petition to St. Anne (St. Anne is the mother of Mary) for Baby to be completely healed from kidney reflux.

3 months later, 2 weeks ago, we were at St. Anne’s again. This time it was to offer thanks to St. Anne for granting us our wish. Many parishioners and even non-Christians flock to the St. Anne’s Church @ Bukit Mertajam to pray and I was told that many of their requests were often granted. 

Daddy carrying a sleeping Baby at the steps leading to the first Station. We did not climb up to the peak of the Station this time as the steps were wet after a day of downpour. 

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