Headache And Backache And Steressss!

I’m in no mood to blog today coz I’m having a heavy pounding head and feeling a tad dizzy. All these are symptoms of steresss! Stress over petty things – my maid, my kids, etc. The sight and sounds of my maid ‘step-mothering’ and tongue lashing my kids, the sounds of my kids retaliating when my maid scolds them (which drives me nuts), the shrieks from Baby, the whining from #2, etc, etc. etc …. and when #2 scribbled on her Mandarin homework (AGAIN) with color pencil despite strict warning from me not to, I blew my top. I gave her a good whipping and then she turned angelic after crying! She obediently did all the work that I gave her consisting of writing suku kata and some simple Math additions.

I’m also in a dilemma – whether to get another maid (which is an expensive bet) or just forget about stay-in maids once and for all. Should I just get part-time maids and send #2 to daycare instead? Sigh… too much pondering to do. I think about the future and all the ‘what ifs’ too much, so much that I feel I’m trapped in my own deadlock.

My mil has just flown off to Hong Kong today. Now I have one less helper at home…. which means more steressss for me. I’m thinking of sending #2 to daycare next week coz I can’t manage her. She’s just too mischievous, too wilful and has too many tricks up her sleeve. Just last night, she gave the hubs and I a big headache when she poured the entire bottle of my expensive Crabtree and Evelyn talcum powder in the bathroom and caused a BIG, BIG powdery mess. I had stepped into the room to ask the gals to give me a good back massage for my backache but I ended up washing the bathroom floor. Me, the hubs and the maid spent almost an hour washing the bathroom floor and wiping the bathroom cabinet, doors and counter top which were all covered with powder. She also peeled off the new bathroom stickers (which are like sticky jelly) and tossed them high up and made those sticky jelly stickers stick on the ceiling!!! I shall blog about these 2 incidents next.

Sometimes I wish I can just close both eyes to all the things surrounding me that bother me and stay cool. I always remind myself not to sweat over the small stuff. This way, I don’t have to think too much and I will have less steresssss. Many of my friends can just leave their maids to manage the entire household including the kids whilst they are at work. I know I can never be in their state. I worry too much.

I have lots more to rant and rave but I guess I’ll just stop here and mind the gals now.

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