Sherilyn’s Latest Boo Boos… All Done In A Day

This is a continuation from my post yesterday. Over the weekend, my visiting sil from Saipan had bought some stickers for the bathroom cabinet. The stickers are like jelly or gel-filled and are sticky all over.  They feel really squeezy and anyone would love to pinch and squeeze the stickers.

My sil then put up the stickers on our bathroom cabinet doors…

And rascal #2 attacked the stickers in the shape of a dog the next day ….

She peeled the stickers and then tossed them up…. and the stickers got stuck on the ceiling…

The next day, we noticed that half the dog’s body was missing. We knew who the culprit was but could not find the dog’s missing body parts. When my sil asked Alycia where the stickers were, she pointed to the ceiling and said “look up. Kay Yi threw them up”……

Did rascal #2 get any whipping for her mischief? Nope, coz I think it was too hilarious but through suppressing my laughter, I reprimanded her.

On the same day that rascal #2 tossed the stickers up the bathroom ceiling, she poured my can of Crabtree and Evelyn talcum powder all over the bathroom that night.  After her bath, this vain pot went to the bathroom to get the can of talcum to dust on her body. I could only guess that she tried to open the can and being a clumsy pot, she accidentally yanked off the cap and all the powder gushed out and not only was the entire bathroom covered with talcum, rascal #2’s face and hair were WHITE too muahahahah!  Too bad I was in the other bathroom and didn’t see that pathetic and guilty face of hers, all in white. All of us had the same feeling – we wanted to burst out in a loud guffaw and ROTFL but had to act angry and chided her off a little.

The can of talcum powder that my rascal poured away.

Daddy wiping everything that was covered with talcum powder inside the cabinet. You like his new body tattoo? iLike it!

With a daughter like Sherilyn, life is never a dull moment – she does things that drive you to the madhouse and cause your blood pressure to shoot sky high everyday but on the other hand, she has that special ‘charm’ that can make you burst out laughing with all her antics that I think no one else could possibly think of.

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An Adults Only Vacation

It has been 7 years since the hubs and I went on a vacation together. That was before we had the kids. Ever since the kids arrived, we hardly ever have the opportunity to go anywhere alone, just the both of us. Everywhere that we went, the kids tagged along. I wonder when we will ever have the chance to go on a romantic vacation or an Adults Only Mexico vacation, just the both of us minus the kids. I guess it would be in another 2 years’ time when the kids are a little grown up and I can leave them with my parents while the hubs and I have our long awaited romantic vacation. A vacation at the gourmet-inclusive El Dorado Royale Resort for adults only, on the secluded Mexican Riviera Maya would be just great.

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