Video of Baby C Roll-Calling

Here’s a video of Baby roll-calling shot yesterday:


She can now call everyone in the house very clearly. Even the ‘k’ sound in kakak is pronounced very clearly. I’ll melt each time she calls me mummy in a very manja tone. As for koong koong, she can only pronounce it as ‘toong toong’ and granny pronounced as ‘nanny’. Koo Koo (my youngest sil from Saipan) is pronounced as ‘ka koo’ lol!  Her “I love you” is pronounced as “Aaaaaar……woooooo” muahahaha!  Can also say ‘please’ (will keep saying ‘peashe’ if she wants something badly) and ‘than’ (thank you) whenever she receives something that she likes from people.

Baby turned 17 months yesterday. At 17 months, she can understand many things that we say (in English, Cantonese, Malay and Mandarin) and can carry out many instructions like please throw rubbish into the bin, sit down, stand up,  squat up and down, go wee wee, poo poo, bring mummy this and that, etc, etc.  She loves imitating our actions too.  Just the other day, I punished Sherilyn when she spilled my cup of Milkmaid tea (again!) and sent her standing at the corner…. and made her pull her ears and do squat ups and downs.  When Baby saw it, she too imitated Sherilyn jie jie by pulling her own ears and doing squat ups and downs hahahaha!

Her weight is still pathetic, hovering at 9kg. She’s in an extremely active phase now and I guess that’s why her weight ain’t moving up much. Otherwise, Baby is a healthy, happy and cheerful baby who now loves to throw tantrums and loves to give me those shrieking and whining sounds like her Sherilyn jie jie everyday o_O!

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