Learning To Live Without A Live-In Maid

Remember my earlier post where I ranted that I had headache, backache and stress? I also mentioned that after giving Sherilyn a good whipping, this mischievous rascal sat down quietly, fuss-free and did her writing. Here’s the picture of her doing suku kata (phonics in Malay language) writing, which I had given her. She knows almost all the suku kata but when it comes to spelling words, she’s still working on it.  It’s a real rare sight of Sherilyn quietly doing her homework, in full concentration and seriousness, without moving her body and limbs like an octopus. I wish she can be as serious and disciplined as Alycia when it comes to doing homework.

Anyway, my hubs and I have decided that we will not have anymore stay-in maids when my current Indon maid’s contract expires early next year. There’s just too much stress, burden, frustration and costs involved in having a stay-in maid. We’ll try out getting part-time maids twice-thrice a week and send Sherilyn to daycare. I’m not sure if I can cope without a maid but I guess I have to learn to be flexible and re-organize the way certain things are done. There will be less cooking for sure and we will most likely get catered food. These days, there are many companies that claim they cater MSG-free and homecooked-style food. Well, hubby has taken a flyer on that and we’ll try that out when we are maidless next year or maybe even earlier.  Some of our clothes will be sent to the laundrette and I will have to sacrifice my sleep, wake up an hour earlier to get some chores done and soup boiled. And of course, my time spent on the computer would have to be cut down even further 🙁

If this arrangement does not go smoothly, we can always apply for a live-in maid again.

Thanks to everyone who had taken your time off to comment in my blog, giving me your suggestions, ideas and contacts of part time maids.  You peeps really rock!

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Preparing For A Return To The Corporate World

If ever I have the opportunity to return to the workforce, one of the things that I need to do is to equip myself with more knowledge and education, failing which it would be tough to get a job that pays well. The easiest way is to get an online degree from online universities such as Capella University, a fully online university and the leading online graduate school for working adults. This year marks the fourth year that I am into one of the toughest jobs God has ever created, that is to be a full-time mum to 3 young kids. While I am glad that I get to spend more time with my kids, many other things have to be sacrificed. I miss having my own financial freedom and my ‘me’ time, which I used to have while I was still working. I’ll give myself a couple more years before I get set and swing back to the corporate world, wearing my suits and heels again.

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