Potty Training Baby C

Today Baby sat on her potty and did her poopie business. It really ain’t easy to ‘catch’ her just when she’s about to poop coz she has no fixed timing for her poopie business. But when she let out a fart and said ‘boo boo’ today, I quickly brought her to the potty. I taught her to strain, which she obediently did and it was quite a breeze for her to poop this time.

I also brought some Dr. Seuss books for her to read whilst she did her poopie business, which she really liked.  Good habits have to start from young right?  Do you like her new pink and red bikini?  And her matching headband with a flower?  Cute eh? Hehehehe……

Here, Baby was licking her bowl of organic veggie pasta clean.  This fler loves pasta and spaghetti, just like her 2 jie jies.  Hop over to my other blog to check out the Princess pasta and organic veggie pasta which I cooked for my gals yesterday.

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