Alycia The Loving Sister And Filial Daughter

The other day, out of curiousity, I asked Alycia who she loves the most – is it mummy, daddy, granny, mah mah, koong koong or baby? She didn’t give me an answer right away. Maybe she did not want to hurt anyone if she said she loved xxxx the most. So very shyly, she told me she loved Woo Sin Yi, which is her classmate (and one of the cleverest in class)! What an answer and I knew she wasn’t telling the truth! I asked her again later and then she said she loved Baby the most. This I believed her coz Alycia really dots on her baby sister and is very protective and possessive of her. Everyday, she would climb into the playpen and give her baby sister hugs and kisses and allow Baby to climb on top of her head, her hands, her butt, etc muahahahahaha!! Even when she’s in pain when Baby stands on her head, she would giggle and hold her baby sister lovingly. Here’s a pic of them, sharing a tender moment:

Alycia watching TV (while I take my shower) with Baby standing on her butt with that cheeky look on her face.

Not only is Alycia a very loving sister, she is also a very ‘hau soon’ (filial) daughter. Each time I complain of backache, she would run to me and give me a quick shiatsu or massage on my back! She would also keep reminding me to lie down on my bed at night so that she could give me a good back massage. Just last night, she gave me a good back massage and hand massage coz I told her I had backache and pins and needles on my hand (I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after giving birth to Alycia). When she eats something that she likes, she would pinch a little of her food, walk over to where I sit and put the food into my mouth. The Chinese say that people born in the year of the goat are naturally very filial and I think it’s true. I’m really blessed to have such a good daughter.

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