That’s How They Eat Strawberries… And Baby Ate A Pencil Lead!

My gals don’t really fancy strawberries but when daddy bought some really huge and sweet strawberries the other day, they devoured on the strawberries. 

Baby would only eat her fruits if she’s allowed to hold the fruit.  Cut them into pieces for her? She’ll spit them out.  This health freak baby who loves veggie does not really fancy fruits, unless she can hold the ‘big big’ fruit herself and slowly nibble on it and suck the fruit dry!

The aftermath mess…..

And Alycia jie jie quickly went to the bathroom to fish out a mirror for Baby to look at herself, with red strawberry juice all over!

And this is how Alycia eats her strawberry, by pulling off the top part/stalk of the strawberry, put in her forefinger and lick on it like a lollipop… she calls it lollipop strawberry!

I managed to capture this pic, just when the ‘lollipop’ slipped her finger and fell on the floor, yikes!! 

On another note, I had 2 major shocks this morning.  One was when Baby ate a pencil lead and I shall blog about the other later.  Check out my health blog to read more about how Baby ended up eating a pencil lead this morning.

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Bravest And Toughest Baby Ever

Baby C is one of the bravest and toughest babies I’ve ever known. What she had endured for the first 14 months of her life is what some adults would probably have to go through in his/her entire life. The immense pain and suffering that she had endured for the first 14 months of her life have moulded her into one tough little cookie. Each time I see her scream in pain and fear when the doctor inserts a catheter into her down under, I can only pray that God will remove all that pain and fear from her and that she will never have to experience such an ordeal again. I still get that creepy feeling whenever I see a foley catheter and other types of catheter each time I accompany Baby C in the procedure room during her ordeal. I’m glad that Baby C is now free from Kidney Reflux and I still pray that Baby never have to go through what she had gone through for the first 14 months of her life again, ever.

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