My Second Major Shock Yesterday Morning

Yesterday morning, I had 2 major shocks of my life. Both happened to Baby…. my poor poor Baby, it must be her unlucky day. At around 4am, I was jolted up from my sleep when I heard a loud thud and then Baby wailed. I knew she must have fallen off the bed. Baby still sleeps with us on our king-sized bed. Sometimes I will put her back into her playpen. Lately, Baby rolls and moves a lot in her sleep. Many times, she would be near the foot of the bed. Stupid me again for not getting these clues that she mustn’t sleep with us on our bed anymore. I guess I had my last straw early yesterday morning when she fell off the bed.

My reflex was super quick. The moment I heard the thud followed by her wailing, I sprang out of bed and looked for her. I saw her head inside the dustbin that was placed next to the foot of our bed on the right side and her body outside the bin on the floor!! I quickly picked her up and cradled her…. and she instantly stopped crying and found her way to my boop! I knew then that she wasn’t in much pain, else she would have cried incessantly. After I had calmed down, I wanted to laugh coz it did look hilarious – Baby’s head was inside the dustbin, face down the bin!! Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of filthy rubbish inside the bin. I hardly throw her soiled diapers into the bin inside our room. The bin inside our bin is for ‘cleaner’ rubbish. I really have no idea how she fell off the bed that her head had landed inside the dustbin hahahaha!   I must also thank God that Baby had no injuries.  Last night, I was full of paranoia.  I told my hubs that we should move to his mum’s room to sleep, where there’s a queen-sized mattress on the floor.  And so we were like nomads last night…. I transferred all our stuff to that room and Baby & I slept on the floor whilst the hubs slept on the bed.  That was bliss, I could sleep soundly!

This is Baby eating tempeh, one of her favorite food. 

Baby’s all-time favorite food is leek flowers. She could chomp down 5 small stalks of leek flowers (about the size of my forefinger) in one sitting. When I placed the 2 plates of her favorite food in front of her and asked her to choose, she chose the veggie dish. She loves veggie more than anything else!

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