Getting Sherilyn To Clean Up The Mess She Makes

Not a single day passes by that Sherilyn does not spill drinks or drops food everywhere. I have been nagging her every day on end not to be so clumsy and to stop fidgeting and moving her entire body like an octopus when she eats or drinks so that drinks will not be spilled and food will not be scattered on the floor from the dining area to the bedrooms. When she dropped seaweed and noodles everywhere on the floor the other day, I made her clean up the mess. And she didn’t think that sweeping the floor was a chore. She actually found it fun, like some kind of new entertainment and was happily sweeping the food on the floor with the broom into the dustpan.

I think kids can be trained to lend a helping hand in doing simple household chores like sweeping and moping the floor, washing toilets, folding laundry, wiping tables and chairs and changing bedsheets and all….. but don’t set too high an expectation from them. Reward them with things they like to do or food they like to eat after chores are done. I’ll definitely rope them in to help with the chores when our maid’s contract expires early next year. I will try to live without a live-in maid next year. Who knows, I will be happier and will have less stress.

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