Shopping The Whole Day

We were out shopping at The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall almost the whole day yesterday. We left the house at about 12 noon, had lunch at a nearby coffee shop and only returned home at around 8:30pm! It was also Baby’s first time hanging out of the house for so long. When we reached The Gardens, the hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn, together with his visiting cousin from London to the GSC Signature Cinema for a cartoon movie – G Force. It was Aly and Sher’s first ever experience at a cinema, a premium ciname that is. The ticket costs over RM20 each and the seats are spacious and comfortable. I’ve never been to one though.  The hubs has vouched not to bring Sherilyn to the cinema again coz as expected that rascal could not sit still, kept asking to be brought to the toilet, walked up and down inside the cinema and even asked daddy if she could switch channels coz she did not like the movie *slaps forehead*

I was happily shopping with Baby and the maid.  Got myself a handbag (less 70%), a pair of wedge slip-ons (less 20%) and some household items.  After shopping, the hubs suggested that we had an early dinner before heading home. We went to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Gardens and had a very nice dinner. Since I didn’t bring any formula milk powder out for Baby (I never do that anyway), I got her a small pack of Marigold HL fresh milk and some buns from Bread Story. That was her tea-time snack cum dinner. She also ate some Japanese green tea noodles, chawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg), cod fish and tofu which she really liked. I’ve never seen Baby with such a good and big appetite. I guess she was really happy that she was given so much freedom in her choice of food for the first time in her life.  Plus,  now that she’s off the daily antibiotics, her appetite has also improved.

Baby enjoying her milk bun with fresh milk……

After dinner, we had cakes and coffee at Alexis @ Gardens. Alexis serves really delicious cakes and coffee. I love their Latte and tiramisu. Shall post pix of all the food in my other blog.

And I just had to snap a pic of this sink at one of the loos in Gardens. The toilets at Gardens are one of the cleanest and coolest I’ve seen at shopping malls .  Very baby-friendly too.

At a glance, this sink looks like a gent’s urinal cubical and for a moment, I thought I had accidentally stepped into the gents. It is automated with a hand sensor.  When you place your hands near the tap, water will gush out.  Cool eh?

We have been going out everyday since Sunday.  Today, we will be going to Lemon Garden @ Shangri La for a buffet lunch.  Nope, we are not rich.  The hubs has to utilize his free vouchers (which he gets when he renews his membership) before they expire end of this month.

How did you spend your holidays with your family?

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