Terrorizer At Home

Guess who tore the canvass sheat beneath that dining table chair and yanked off the leg of the green Ikea stool?  No prize for guessing it right though hehehe!  That expensive dining table chair is only 9 months old and is already in this condition! 

By the way, as regards the fried vermicelli soaked in tomato ketchup, Sherilyn did NOT finish the plate of noodles!  I think she felt squeamish and she was in a hurry to go for her ballet class, so everything went into the bin. 

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Our Short Vacation During The Long School Term Break

The long school term break will be here in just 2 months. Alycia and Sherilyn are all excited that they will be going to several places this school holiday. First we will bring them to Cameron Highlands for a big family get-together with my relatives. It will be the girls’ first ever visit to Cameron Highlands, which is my dad’s birth place. After the trip to Cameron Highlands, we will head back to Ipoh to my parents and thereafter head up north to Penang to the beach resort. This short vacation will probably take a week, after which we will all be back, all cooped up in our condo. That’s when my daily battle will start again, with 3 ‘terrorizers’ at home 24/7. Well, I am hoping that someone will get us some Disney Tickets and bring us on an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland in Orlando!

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