Random Pix Of My 3 Angels

Alycia accompanying Baby who was seated on her potty in the kitchen doing her routine poopie business in the morning.

Alycia and Sherilyn having a karaoke session on their cool ItsImagical CD Player, with Baby looking on and wanting to have her hands on the mic too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Addicted To Love At RecoveryDate

A distant relative of mine was once a drug addict. He comes from a broken family and had mixed with the wrong group of friends. When his sister and mother found out about his drug addiction, they were devastated. But they gave him a lot of moral support and encouraged him to kick off the habit. With professional counseling and help, he is now sober and has even found himself a job at a restaurant. Not only did he find himself a job, he also found himself a girlfriend, who works in the same restaurant as him. But not all ex-addicts are as lucky as him as they would be regarded a social stigma.

Hope is now just a click away for recovery individuals longing to find love and a sober relationship at the RecoveryDate website. RecoveryDate.com is the first online dating site created to help clean and sober people in recovery find clean and sober relationships. There is a unique search function that will help you browse for men or women of all ages by country and state, complete with photos. Members at RecoveryDate are already living a clean and sober lifestyle. If you know of anyone who is now in recovery and is in search of a relationship with someone who is sober, do refer them to RecoveryDate. Membership is now FREE!



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