Food Glorious Food

Over the past one week, I’ve been pigging in and out quite a bit. Here are just some of the grub that I ate, bought and cooked :

Ribeye steak (well done) that I cooked with stir-fried brocolli and french beans.

Ribeye steak (medium well) that the hubs cooked, on a bed of mashed potatoes, black pepper sauce and boiled brocolli. His food presentation sure beats mine hands down. My hubs is really fastidious when it comes to food presentation. Me, I just chomp down whatever is cooked. No luxury time for nice food presentation when you have 3 kids to mind.

Pandan snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and egg yolk from Shangri-La Hotel. Nice!  Love the super soft pandan flavored skin. Price is even nicer! 

Strawberry flavored snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and cheese from Shangri-La Hotel. Too sweet for my liking.

This is ‘sar keong’ (in Cantonese) or cekur (in Malay). It is a type of root/herb from the ginger family and is also known as sand ginger. It is really aromatic. They are used regularly in Nyonya recipes. The leaves are finely shredded and commonly used in popular Nyonya dishes such as nasi ulam (Nyonya rice salad) and perut ikan (pickled fish stomach, vegetables and herbs curry). My mum planted this in her garden and brought some for me when she came to KL from Ipoh to visit me early this week.

And this is the plate of chicken which I cooked with the shredded ‘sar keong’ roots and leaves. This is one of my favorite dishes.   My dad cooks the tastiest ‘sar keong’ chicken.  I still can’t pick up his fine culinary skill and no matter how many times I had cooked this dish, it can never taste as good as my dad’s.

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