Things That Sher Brings To School And Her Quirks

For the umpteenth time, I have been getting surprises each time I open up Sher’s stuffed to the brim school bag, which always looks like a huge ‘hum yoke coong’ (rice dumpling)! So stuffed was the school bag that the zip looked like it would snap anytime! Here are some of the things that she stuffed into her school bag on 2 occasions:

A Transformer toy (which she ‘stole’ from Alycia and all hell broke loose when Alycia found out that the Transformer toy was in Sher’s school bag), a cello tape dispenser, a bag of color pencils, an empty Calcium tabs bottle, her Disney Chip n Dale wallet with money inside, a Princess notebook, a storybook, some pens, mechanical pencil, pencils and some band aids.

A few days later when I searched her bag, these things greeted me:

An old nursery rhyme book, a pack of Disney Math flashcards, a yellow color magic color with the cap missing, some papers, a pencil with the lead missing and a measurement tape! I bet she wanted to entertain her friends with all these stuff. By all these stuff were confiscated by mummy!

This little brat sure is entertaining and amuses me everyday with the things that she does. She always asks me if she could bring stickers and sweets to give her friends both at pre-school and at the ballet school! Every Saturday, she would insist on wearing her colorful, clanging bangles whenever she attended ballet class! She would also be insistant on wearing her Zara sweater (with the excuse of being cold in the air-cond room) over her ballet costume! After ballet class last Saturday, she removed her ballet costume, then wore a t-shirt afterwhich she wore the ballet costume over the t-shirt, with the tutu and stockings on!! Sometimes she would insist on bringing her Paris Hilton purple color sunnies to class to wear! She really wants to stand out from the crowd by always doing extraordinary things.

Does your kid bring stuff from home to pre-school too?

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