How To Remove Permanent Marker Ink Effortlessly

When Alycia drew a picture of a clock on Baby’s new Fisher Price doodle, I was enraged and chided her off big time.  I was mad coz that doodle is the fourth I had bought.  The earlier 3 doodles were all spoilt by Alycia and Sherilyn.

I searched the house high and low for thinner but could not find any.  My mum suggested using alcohol and so we searched the cabinets for our Hennesy and other hard liquor but all the bottles were not opened yet.  The hubs and I drink no liquor and don’t like alcohol.  I even attempted to google search to find ways to remove the permanent marker ink or wait until the hubs is free to go to the hardware shop to get a bottle of thinner.  Then for once, the maid is quick to think.  She suggested using my mil’s magic sponge and voila, the ink stuck to the magic sponge like magic! 

The magic sponge, also called melamine sponge is really a handy tool at home with young kids. It wipes off stains from my kids’ tables and cleans walls of pen ink and other stains magically. Just dab the magic sponge with some water and see the magic work on stains. So if you haven’t gotten yourself a pack of magic sponge yet, quick do so. They are available at most hardware shops and the household department of the shopping mall.

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