Happy Kids = Messy House

My hubs who is a neat freak always complains that our house is in a perpetual mess. He expects to step into a house where everything is spick-and-span and everything is placed where it should be. He seems to have an OCD with neatness and always tidies the house, keeps our things and throws my things away without first telling me …. and this always drives me nuts!  Can you feel my burning anger when he always throws the things that I still need and love?  Aargh…. I can almost strangle him!  I always tell him that he has not just 3 kids but 3 very samseng, hyper-active and rambunctious kids, so it’s a very normal thing to have a house that’s upside down, hahahahah!    Here’s a common scene in my house:Eye sore – cushions strewn everywhere, chairs turned upside down with the legs yanked off all the time, toys scattered in every nook and corner – under and above the bed and couch, under my pillow and blanket, school bags lying everywhere and food dropped everywhere on the floor. One minute you tidy up their things, the next second you turn your back on them, things will be messed up again.  I guess we will have to bear with this for at least another 3-4 years.Have a great Sunday everyone!

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