My Little Rascal Who Amuses Me Non-Stop

One afternoon, as usual, the ever hyper-active rascal #2 just didn’t want to take her afternoon nap despite umpteen threats and nagging from me.  And she was disturbing Baby coz I was trying to put Baby to sleep.  She kept telling me that she’s not sleepy and walked up and down the house and self entertained herself.  Alycia was fast asleep in the bedroom.  When she got bored, she fished out the playpen mozzie nets from the playpen pocket and then did this:

She tucked both the mozzie nets at the waist band of her skirt and then danced and pranced…..

She then told me that she wanted to get married and hummed the ‘Bridal March’ tune….. and twirled and turned round and round in the living room till she got dizzy and then walked like a drunkard lol…..

… and wore her yellow duckie bathroom slippers which she had already outgrown, muahahaha!  Later she put the mozzie net over her head, as if it were a wedding veil, LOL!  I must give her a 10/10 rating for her creativity!

For the past few days, she kept telling me that she wanted to be an astronaut when she grows up!  I think she will be a future promising cheerleader or a dancer, a singer perhaps(she loves music and singing), a hairdresser, a salesperson who can really yak and yak and sweet-talk a cow up the boat (LOL!) or a wedding planner, hahahahahaha!   Any job that can capitalize on her gift of gab, I think this rascal will excel in!

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