Baby C’s First Playground Outing

You will be shocked if I tell you that at almost 18 months, Baby C only had her first outing to the playground last week. For the first 14 months of her life, my mornings and evenings were spent feeding her antibiotics and supplements. She ain’t the easiest baby to feed meds and it took almost an hour to get 1-2ml of yucky tasting antibiotics down her throat everyday. The first 14 months of her life also revolved around countless trips to hospitals, painful drips, jabs, daily antibiotics, lots of pain and screams and collection of pee for tests. Looooooong sigh….. The thought of what we had gone through still makes my eyes wet but know what? I have not once cried like a baby during her 3-week stay in the hospital after her surgeries in May this year, though I really felt like crying like a baby in fear and in pain. I had to be strong.

Anyway, enough of sob stories. I hope all these traumatic times are now behind us. Here’s wishing more of such happy days to come for Baby and her 2 jie jies.

Playground at our condo…

All of Baby’s firsts – first swing ride and first time down the slide.  In the past, she only saw these on TV.  Baby girl, you’ll definitely have more of such fun rides from now onwards!

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