Baby C Turns 18 Months Today

How time flies. At 18 months, Baby can understand many things that we say and ask her to do, in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.  Her vocab is also improving by the day.  She’s also showing more and more signs that the Terrible Twos is approaching. She loves to throw tantrums and wants things done her way. When soft approach fails to subdue her, I will raise my voice or spank her gently with my hand! Most times this manages to bring her back to her senses haha!  She’s a very sensitive baby and would droop her lips and start to sob softly the moment anyone scolds her or shows her an angry face, especially her daddy. Tantrums aside, Baby has an angelic smile that will melt even the coldest of hearts.

My sweetie-pie at 18 months….

… with her cheeky smile….

Baby still needs to be spoon-fed Pediasure Vanilla 2-3 times a day (total of 8-9 ounces only a day). She is still breastfed and is very, very hooked on my boops!  Must wean her off soon.  Each spoon-feeding time is still a struggle, especially the morning feed. She still dislikes eating porridge and only wants OUR food!

Her weight is still hovering at a pathetic 9kg. But I guess it’s fine as long as she’s healthy and UTI-free. I’d prefer her to be slim and petite rather than big-sized when she grows up.

Happy 1.5 year old my precious Baby. In half a year’s time, we shall celebrate your 2nd birthday.

Me and my 3 angels. I love Baby’s cheeky smile. She loves to give us this cheeky smile whenever someone snaps her picture.

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