Baby And Her New Toys

Being the first and only child 5.5 years ago, we spoilt Alycia rotten.  Even her first potty cost close to a hundred ringgit!  Silly me (being a naive first time mom) for I did not know then how impractical those fanciful and cute potties are.   It’s heavy and bulky.  I did not know then how troublesome it was to wash the potty with so many parts, gosh!  I am one who likes to wash the potty after every pee and scrub the potty with detergent and a brush after every poo.  I even wash my own toilet seat twice a day!    Alycia didn’t want to sit on the cute potty with the head of a lamb as handle.  In the end, it ended up at daddy’s office storeroom for 5 years!  Instead, Alycia immediately took a liking for the 3 ringgit blue plastic no-frills potty bought from the market… and was potty trained in that cheap and practical potty!  So was Sherilyn and now Baby …in the cheap cheap no-frills red and blue color potty which my mil bought from the market lol!  Who says no-frills and cheap cheap things are no good eh?

The other day, the hubs brought back the expensive lamb head potty back from his office for Baby. I told him how impractical that potty was. He would never know coz he has never washed a potty!  With Baby, I can’t recall a time that he changed Baby’s diaper or spoon-fed her.  You see, the more kids I have, the less involved the hubs is with them (when it comes to diaper-changing, bath time and feeding time – all the back-breaking, not nice to do chores!).  Play time and fun time are another story. He’ll be the first to volunteer!

That expensive potty has now become Baby’s new toy, like a rocking horse!

Daddy also brought back Alycia’s first booster seat.  That booster seat has also become Baby’s other new toy!

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