Of Cassandra And Her Eating Habits

On our way home after lunch on a hot afternoon, my 3 girls dozed off in the car. The moment I placed Baby on the bed when we reached home, she shrieked! So I figured she needed my boop or someone to hug and that’s what I gave her:

My big big huggable bolster with her hands and legs wrapped round it lol! And it worked…. she felt so comfy, did not utter a sound and continued to sleep until this clean freak mummy wiped her face and hands with a wet hanky.  I can’t stand my kids sleeping on the bed right after they are back from an outing coz they sit everywhere and touch everything when they are outside.

For the past 3 days, Baby seems to have lost interest in her food. She seems to feel full whenever she’s spoon-fed with Pediasure in the morning. For 2 mornings straight, she puked her milk out when I was finished feeding her!  Toddlers her age should be drinking about 8 ounces of milk during each feed but she’s only drinking 3-4 ounces each feed, twice a day. She used to be able to drink 3-4 ounces of Pediasure in the morning, together with 1/2 an egg yolk with butter, some biscuits or bread and about 10ml of orange-flavored Scotts Emulsion cod liver oil (which she actually likes). But these few days, she seems to hate everything that she’s been eating or drinking EXCEPT for mummy’s milkie!! I am really amazed how she can still suckle and suckle my tits like she’s really famished right after her lunch or dinner!

This is one of Baby’s favorite food now :
Heinz iron-enriched ABCs, 123s pasta with homecooked spagheti sauce and minced meat, with a little sprinkle of ground mozarella cheese and ground raw almond for that extra protein.  I guess she likes it because of the mozarella cheese, which is a tad salty.

But I know that if she’s fed with this pasta 2 days in a row, she’ll puke at the sight of it on the 3rd day! This little fler wants OUR food, food that tastes good and is salty!  And she likes to taste something different everyday.  And oh yes, yesterday after painfully eating half her bowl of green tea noodles with fish, brocolli and soup, her eyes beamed when I gave her 1/4 slice of walnut wholemeal bread. That’s it, I told my maid not to cook anything for Baby to eat today. Just feed her with soup (which thankfully is her all-time favorite) and bread – twice a day! Her eating habit is looking more and more like Sherilyn’s, oh gawd!

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