Our Saturday

As I am typing this post, Baby is now being babysat by her 2 sisters who are entertaining her in my bedroom. Alycia is as usual inside the playpen cuddling her and letting Baby step on her head and all over her, hahaha! Sherilyn is on my bed experimenting hair styles and arranging out her clothes for tonight’s dinner. This vain pot is really vain. We’re only eating out at a nearby eatery and she’s all excited.  She went through her wardrobe to search for outing clothes…..she has even chosen clothes for her jie jie and laid out both her clothes and her jie jie’s clothes on her bed neatly *slaps forehead*  That will be another post to blog about, which I will do next week.

Here are some pix of my 3 gals enjoying kon cheen har loke (dry-style pan fried prawns) taken last week:

Baby is absolutely crazy over prawns. Her fight with her jie jie over the prawn made her say “I wan” (want)!

Me, me, meeeeeeeee……. I want mameee………!

Check out my other blog (aka my food blog) for the recipe.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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