Baby C And Her Eating Habits

Pretty unpleasant eating habits she has, which is pretty normal for toddlers I guess. She now spits out bland food and turns her head side ways to avoid the spoon. Still dislikes Pediasure but would drink if it is slightly diluted coz she dislikes sweet beverages (which is good).  Maybe sweet and thick beverages reminds her of the antibiotics which she had taken everyday for 14 months of her life.

When it comes to Pediasure spoon-feeding time, she must be put in front of the telly or the computer – watching her 2 jie jies play educational games or read from the computer. Else, she would shriek, arch her back, push the spoonfuls of milk away (and cause messes!) climb out from her highchair, pull her hair and make me want to pull my own hair and tear out my skin!

Give her mashed up eggs, she would spit and turn her head away again. Show her a whole egg and say “see egg, big big egg” and she would reach out for the egg. So presentation does matter for her.

When we eat out, it would be really difficult to get her to eat her own food. Her eyes would be fixated on our food and she wants to “walk walk” or “see fish fish” in the aquarium. So on Sundays, I don’t cook porridge or prepare any meals for her anymore. I just heat up some soup that I’d boiled the day before (she still loves soup very much, thank God!), put it into a Thermos flask and buy her some buns. That will be her lunch while we eat in the restaurant after church. Of my 3 kids, Baby is the most difficult baby to handle.

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