Sherilyn Oh Sherilyn….

We received a call from the girls’ koo por (grand aunt) last Saturday afternoon. She had invited us for dinner. Upon hearing that, Sherilyn was all excited. She quickly took her shower while singing on top of her voice (she always sings and dances in the bathroom… and jiggles her butt really cute too!) and then later, all was silent. Silence is often an indication that TROUBLE is brewing, 9 out of 10 times… in Sher’s case! I quietly went to her bedroom and saw her on her bed, with her wet hair uncombed. She was arranging the outing clothes for the night’s dinner – which she had chosen for herself as well as her jie jie.

I wanted to burst out in a loud guffaw – first at what I saw on the bed – her choice of clothes for herself and for her jie jie, which was their ‘twin sisters’ t-shirt from HK Disneyland.  She had even chosen the panty to wear for the night, both for herself and for Alycia LOL!  And to tickle my funny bone further, she had even taken out her lilac color Paris Hilton sunnies and my her diamond-studded headband to place on the bed!

All set out nicely and raring to go out to ‘wet’ muahahahaha….

Seeing what Sher had worn tickled me deeper.  This brat is so into wearing a mini skirt on top of a pair of 3/4 pants lately.  She seems to know that this is the in-thing to wear!  Sherilyn oh Sherilyn, you are really, really vain and funny!  Check out the out-of-sync colors – pink, blue and yellow, how gordy and eye-catching, muahahahahah!

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