Spaghetti Never Too Much

My 3 girls have spaghetti or pasta (ala Bolognaise) at least twice a week. On other days, they have pasta cooked with cheese-milk-butter or cooked with Campbell’s mushroom soup. When there’s pasta or spaghetti on the dining table, everyone is happy – no fretting, no whining and no bribing.

Cooking pasta/spaghetti bolognaise is also one sure way of getting rascal #2 eat her meat. I mix the minced meat really well with the pasta/spaghetti and she would slurp everything into her mouth – no spitting, no coercion, no yelling.

And while my 3 kids slurp their noodles away, I put the bolognaise meat sauce on top of my toasted wholemeal walnut bread, like a canape, which tastes very much like pizza. Yums…. iLike!

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