This Is What Happens If She Skips Her Afternoon Nap…

Pix taken on 2 different days.

She would sit at the dining table daydreaming, with a deadpan face… even when I threaten her with the cane, she will have no reaction or feelings….

… coz she is already half way slipping into slumberland…

… and minutes later, she dozed off with food in her mouth!

2 days ago, she really made me burst out in a loud guffaw again. When she strongly protested taking her nap in the afternoon saying that she wasn’t tired or sleepy at all, I warned her that she was so going to get whacked by me if she dozed off at the dining table during dinner. She promised me that she would be good and finish all her food. As expected during dinner, the same thing happened again. In her half-way snooze mode, she tried really hard to open her eyes and smile. And she kept saying this over and over again with her mouth full of food, as if in a trance : “who closed my eyes, I want to open my eyes, somebody closed my eyes,  I want the fan turned higher, I am so hot, my hands are so itchy (all these were excuses to buy time to avoid eating), my head is so itchy (and scratches her head with both her oily hands as if there were lice on her head LOL!)”…. and finally her battery went dead flat. My maid was seated next to her trying to keep her awake but it was useless coz her battery konked off and she was just going deeper and deeper into la la land.  Finally, I told my maid to throw the food away, quickly shower Sher and send her off to bed!

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