Buckwheat Pancake

Sometime early this year, my sil from New Zealand gave me a box of gluten-free buckwheat pancake flour.  Last week, I finally made the pancakes for my girls.

I used 1/2 the packet of pancake flour.  I added 3 eggs, 2 tablespoon of Aly and Sher’s Dutch Lady 456 milk powder and a pinch of salt into the flour and poured water to form a batter.  Then heat up my non-stick pan, put in some President butter and poured the mixture into the pan.

When the pancakes were ready, I used my My Melody cookie/bread cutter and cut them into these:

The My Melody shaped buckwheat pancakes were for Sherilyn. She gets turned on by bread / pancakes / fried eggs / fruits cut into cute shapes, but not Alycia. Alycia only gets turned on by tasty food… appearance doesn’t really appeal to her.

And that’s how Sher ate the pancakes – by slathering kaya and putting cheese on top.

I made extra portions, put them in glider food storage bags and stored them in the freezer for future quickie lunches.   When I am in lazy mood to cook, I just need to thaw the pancakes, put them into the toaster oven and lunch is served!

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