Tiny But Mighty

My cheeky Baby has been giving me the peeves for the past 1 week. There’s not a moment where she will obediently remain in the playpen, not even when her Alycia jie jie climbs inside to play with her. The second she’s placed inside her cage, this fiesty fler will pretend to bawl with flailing hands, then attempt to climb out like a tiger cub.  And she would succeed in just a matter of seconds. So can you imagine the heart-stopping moments I’ve been getting lately? Put her on the ground, she will climb onto anything and everything, dive from one couch to another, ‘ball-roll’ (forward rolls like a gymnast) from the bed onto the mattress on the floor – landing head down, rummages our drawers, goes through the VCD drawer and removes the VCDs from the box, yanks off those VCD boxes, brings food that she rummages from the kitchen drawers to the living room, vandalizes her jie jie’s stickers and toys and much more heart-stirring stunts.

Not only does she gives me hair-raising moments, she has also been waking up very early each morning. The moment I leave the bed, she could sense it in her deep sleep and wake up too. So she’s been tagging along with me in her stroller when I went jogging in the morning. And when I thought she would be drop dead exhausted by 11am, I was wrong. She wouldn’t want to take her mid-morning nap too. She could go climbing and gallivanting right up to 4pm. But I was still wrong. She wouldn’t sleep tightly though her batteries are dead flat. The moment I leave the bed (I lie down next to her to nurse her), she would wake up again and bawl! This time round, I would normally bring her to my PC and let her suck my tits while I type with one finger on the keyboard. See, she’s sticking on to me like a leech and I am GASPING!

All these being said, my heart would still melt with all her antics, like these:

And something else that I see each day never fails to shake me away from my anger and frustration and reminds me to be thankful to God for this tiny but mighty cheeky baby. This I will write in my following post. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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