Last Day Of School

Friday marked the last day of school for most students. Alycia and Sherilyn’s pre-school had a children’s day bash on that day. They didn’t have to wear uniform and were allowed to don on their best party clothes. Sherilyn who had long been yearning to wear her Princess Aurora costume which koo mah bought for her during her trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in March this year, finally got to wear the Princess costume.  It was her second time wearing the costume, the first time being in Hong Kong Disneyland.

A princess is not complete without a princess head gear, right?

Waltzing away to celebrate the start of 1.5 months of freedom…. but it’s the start of a 1.5-month long nightmare for me!

And a princess is not complete without a pair of princess clogs right? She made kakak search for her pair of princess clogs but mah mah said cannot wear!  Why? Because each time she wore the pair of stiff click-clock clogs, painful blisters will sprout out on her toes, OUCH!!

And so Princess-Wannabe wore her Dora Crocs, Alycia too. After all, shoes have to be removed before they enter the door of the school. See the contrast – one loves everything princessy and another a cincai, frumpy dresser who only likes to wear pants and t-shirt. See the denim Power Puff denim skirt on Alycia? I forced her to wear a dress but she refused. So she pleased me and opted for a skirt! Don’t know why she just hates wearing dresses, haiyah….

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5 thoughts on “Last Day Of School

  1. aiyo…this #2 really like to pan leng leng! if #1 like to pang leng leng too..then #1 and #2 can share stuff hor… maybe next time its #2 and #3 sharing stuff for pan leng leng!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. That’s means she knows how to take care of herself and always want to looked at her best.

    Today is the fist day of the school holiday, I have to take leave to take care of my girls till hubby comes back from outstation. I rather to be at home than dragging myself to the office.

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