Delectable Homemade Breads And Bread Spread

Before my parents came to KL 1.5 weeks ago, I had a special request for my favorite sugar-reduced homemade kaya. And so my dear mum and dad slogged over the stove for hours and made me these bread spreads:

L to R : Pandan kaya with extra eggs, sugar-free peanut butter, caramel kaya, reduced-sugar strawberry jam and pineapple jam.

The bread spreads went really well with these delish breads which my mil baked:

Rye bread with moh far koa (figs) and roasted walnuts…

Carrot bread with sunflower seeds…

With such delectable homemade breads and bread spreads (not forgetting my mil’s homemade cakes and cookies), I have been gorging on these carbs everyday. I tell ya, I just love bread and kaya and can never get enough of them. And it is largely because of this that I have to pull myself up from bed at 5:45am each morning (before my 3 brats wake up) to run the calories away hah!

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