More Of Little Samseng In Action

On a typical day, this is what my little cili padi & samseng will do :

Hog the TV-DVD player remote control and Astro remote control and start pressing all the buttons, disrupting our programs and sometimes switches Astro to a strange screen which I don’t even know how to undo…

…she will press the on-off button of the TV when we take the TV remote control away from her. Smart eh?  Notice the blue table in front of the TV? Alycia pushed it there to prevent little cili padi from pressing the buttons on the Astro decoder. But nothing can stop this little samseng. You block her way, she climbs up the table. She can outwit you anytime.

I turn on the TV, she deliberately turns it off and the game goes on and on and on, looooong sigh….

I gave her a piece of homemade walnut-figs bread to eat, she crawled under the table to eat. Why under the table? Beats me. I guess she’s afraid her jie jies will snatch the piece of bread from her perhaps?

From the kitchen, I zoomed to snap this picture coz she looked too cute sitting under the table and nibbling on her bread. Little cili padi kept shoving the bread into her mouth. Her mouth was so full she could barely move her rose-bud lips lol! And oh yes, she also put the slice of bread on the floor. I yelled to her and said “no, don’t put the bread into your mouth”, but she quickly shoved the dropped piece of bread into her mouth!

Whatever her favorite jie jie does, little samseng will surely kacau her.

This little cili padi is indeed a handful to handle but she has also brought us lots of joy and laughter.

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