My New Online Store, Finally!

With my extremely limited time, money and resources, I have finally created my very own online store. Well, it’s not exactly a professionally created online store with shopping cart, one that accepts credit card et al but a pretty simple blog that showcases my range of products. Here, you will find new clothing as well as second hand clothing, second hand baby essentials and second hand kids’ stuff for sale at a song.

I welcome you to hop over to Old & New Stuff For Sale and I hope you’ll find an item or two or three or four (LOL!) that you’ll like. All the products are sold at prices that you’ll love!

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Our Saturday Morning

Saturdays are usually a marketing day for my mil. Last Saturday, hubby brought his mum to the S17 wet market. Sometimes she goes to the SS2 market but she prefers the S17 market as the perishables are cheaper there. After shopping for perishables at S17 market, hubby drove to the SS2 market, just to get me my favorite kaya swiss roll which is only available at the SS2 market coz I have been badgering him and my mil to get them for me for months.

Alycia and Sherilyn also followed daddy and mah mah to the market. Better for me as I need a respite from them for a few hours during the school hols. I’ll really go cuckoo facing my 3 kids 24 hours a day 7/7!

Here you go, the fluffy, soft and flavorful swiss rolls with delish kaya slathered in the middle (in the styrofoam take-away boxes) from the SS2 market.  The swiss roll in the plastic take-away box is from another shop and is not as tasty.

I tend to have a weakness when it comes to certain food and this kaya swiss roll is one of my ‘vices’, apart from breads and biscuits. I can chomp down 2-3 slices of swiss roll at one go I tell ya!

Alycia asked daddy to buy her a huge tau sar pau (pau filled with sweetened black beans).

This brat pulak had a bizarre idea when she saw a lady selling flowers and asked daddy to buy her flowers! She said the flowers looked so pretty and she wanted some! Daddy the ever yes-man to his angels of course obliged and bought her a bunch of these flowers. Both of them got a long nagging from me when they came home. I was really enraged that this yes-man daddy spent RM7 for a bunch of flowers! 

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