Now I See It, Now I Don’t, Anymore…

Remember my earlier post on my dad and mum’s homemade bread spreads? This is what happened to my favorite kaya a few days after my parents left KL:

A bottle full of kaya, all plastered on the kitchen floor 🙁

No prize for guessing who dropped the bottle. It’s rascal #2! Well, this smart alec always has an excuse whenever she does a boo boo. This time, she said jie jie pushed her and she dropped the wet, cold and slippery bottle of kaya from the fridge.  Aargh,  I tell ya, I felt like strangling her again! When I saw the bottle on the floor and the precious green kaya splattered everywhere on the floor, my heart dropped. All my mum’s effort and labor of love had gone into the bin. I’m sorry mummy. When you’re back from Hainan Island on Saturday, can you make us another bottle of pandan kaya? I will bring my 3 brats over to Ipoh next week, so be prepared for a week or two of hoopla and never ending ruckus from your 3 kwai suen luis, k?

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