Mind-Sharpening Cube Toy

Does this cube game look familliar to you? This decades-old mind-sharpening toy was once my favorite, my elder brother’s too. My elder brother and I could solve the entire ‘puzzle’ in just days, where we could twist and turn and place the same color / fruit (we used to have one cube with pictures of fruits on it) on all the sides of the cube. We were smart eh? Hehehe! I don’t know how we did it then but now, I have lost my mojo.

I saw this toy at Babyland and bought the cheapest for my 2 brats, costing only RM8.90.

Rascal #2 trying to solve the puzzle…

Big rascal loved this toy. She spent hours twisting and turning the cube but was stuck here:

Baby also wanted to dabble with the toy.  Notice her red eyes and red nose?  She was crying and this toy managed to placate her.

Big rascal spent a lot of time trying to solve the cube puzzle.  The next morning, she sheepishly told me this : “mummy, see…” and brought the cube out from her drawer.  I was amazed.  The blue side of the cube was complete.  I asked her if she solved it herself and she just smiled.  Moments later, rascal #2 ran out of the room and said this “mummy, cheh cheh didn’t do it.  She only put the sticker there!”  Aha, I guessed it, how can a not-even 6yo be that smart to solve the cube puzzle.  But she’s darn sneaky and shrewd too!  She could think out of the box by removing the blue stickers from other sides to re-stick them to complete the puzzle!  

If you want to buy this cube for your kids, my advise is buy one that does not have stickers. Buy them one that is painted and of course costlier too.

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