Some Pix Of My Little Samseng

Rascal #3 is getting cheekier by the day. These days, she loves ‘finger pointing’ and ‘tai chee’ all her boo boos and naughty acts to her jie jies. Whenever we ask “who did this”, “who broke this”, “who drew this”, “who gave you this?”, “who is the naughty girl?”, etc. Baby will conveniently say “cheh cheh” without any thought and without batting an eyelid. But she’s darn cute when she says “cheh cheh” and then gives us her cheeky grin that shows part of her 2 front bugs bunny teeth.

Monkey see monkey do, she saw her 2 rambunctious jie jies yanking off the leg of the Ikea chair, she too followed suit…

Baby making her trademark funny face…

Monkey see monkey do…. whatever her jie jies do, she follows too.

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