Ipoh and Penang, Here We Come!

For the past few days, Alycia has been unable to contain her excitement that we are finally going to Ipoh and then to Penang (staying at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel YAY!!). She’s been counting down the days.  She and Sher have been discussing what they intend to do in Ipoh with granny and koong koong.  When Sher had a low grade fever several days ago, Alycia was SO paranoia and kept avoiding her sis as she was worried that she would get bitten by the bug too. She even ‘kicked’ her sis out of her bedroom 2 nights ago lol!  But it backfired and she was the one who got kicked out of her room… to mah mah’s room!   Never has she been so diligent in drinking water and eating fruits too lol!

Yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn were packing their very own backpack – dumping all sorts of stuff in from toys to books and Sherilyn even pulled some tissue papers from the box to chuck into her bag! I am so not going to let them bring their backpack along. As it is now, our 7-seater MPV is going to be stuffed with luggage to the brim. I know hubs will surely shake his head and pass his usual comment when he sees our luggage and paraphernalia all lined up on the floor of the living room, haha! When we return to KL, it’s going to be worse, with all the Ipoh goodies and food stuffed from the floor of the car to the boot. I have suggested to hubs that he would need to fix a storage capsule on top of his car soon hah!

I’ll leave you now with some pix of my 3 angels:

Sherilyn playing with Baby…

My 3 brats having loads of fun, sucking on ice cubes on a sweltering day!

Alycia sharing a light moment with her ‘best friend’!

Stay tuned for our updates in Ipoh and Penang….

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