Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!

My mum bought some colored rice flour dough from the market yesterday morning. Last night, my 3 gals had their first experience rolling tong yuen. It was similar to playing with play dough and they had SO much fun. But the aftermath was REALLY messy – clumps of rice flour everywhere on the table, floor, their clothes, their body and hair. But what the heck, soon after rolling the balls, they all had their shower.  It’s their first ever experience and they only get to do it once a year.

My 3 brats trying their hands on rolling tong yuen balls. The red color from the red rice flour dough is from beet root juice and and green one from pandan juice.

Baby looked really serious and absorbed playing with the rice flour.  On a few occasions, she even climbed up the table to grab more dough.

My mum trying to stuff some homemade pandan kaya and homemade peanut butter into the balls but it was a failure. She has never done it before and the ball turned out really huge and a tad distorted.

The balls were all misshapened and came in all sizes.

Finally, she dropped the idea of stuffing the balls with kaya and peanut butter. Instead, she inserted a peanut into each tong yuen. This morning she rolled the tong yuen into a plate of toasted sesame seeds before boiling them.

This is our bowl of sesame seed coated, peanut butter, kaya and whole peanut filled tong yuen in soy bean milk with ginger.

Happy ‘kor toong’ everyone!  Happy birthday to you too big bro Ray!  See you and Marene on X’mas Eve and have a safe drive back from Singapore.

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