Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe, Tanjung Tokong Penang – Seafood With A Scenic View

On our last day of our Penang trip, we stopped by at Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe at Tanjung Tokong Penang for seafood. This restaurant is situated next to the famous Tua Peh Kong Temple in Tanjung Tokong. It was our first visit there but the hubs has been to this restaurant umpteen times, ever since he was a toddler! This unassuming restaurant looks pretty run down and uninviting but the moment you step down from your car and walk towards it, the aromatic smell of baked crabs and prawns would fill the air. I tell ya, that aroma made me salivate and rumbled my tummy, though my tummy was still stuffed with grub from the morning’s buffet breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

The seafood dishes are all cooked in very simple styles. Their signature dish is coal-baked crabs and salt-baked prawns. I was told that the restaurant owner relies on these two signature dishes to pull in customers, near and far.

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These are what we digged in:

Deep fried popiah.

Fried hoe chien (oyster omelette).

Salt baked prawns.

Stir-fried lala (clamps) with sweet sauce.  We had pandan coconut too… it was SO tasty and refreshing.

Deep fried spring chicken (baby chicken).

Baby’s first taste of fried spring chicken. She LOVED it and was reluctant to let go of the chicken from her mouth hahahahaha!

Baked crabs.

Alycia and Sherilyn had SO much fun hammering the crab claws and feasting on the crabs and prawns. There was a huge pile of prawn and crab shells scattered on the table!

Alycia enjoying the crabs and Baby the spring chicken.

Check out the roe oozing out from the crab!

The food at Sea Pearl Lagoon ain’t cheap. The bill came up to RM158 for seafood and drinks only.  The oyster omelette, fried spring chicken and fried popiah are sold at a different stall (located next to Sea Pearl Lagoon) and charged separately.

All in all, the food was good. If you want to enjoy fresh and tasty baked crabs and prawns, Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe is the place to head to.   And if you want to visit the loo, you have to get down some steps inside the restaurant.  It looks like the restaurant was built on some kind of pre-war fort.  Initially, I thought it was a cave!

Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe
338 Mukim 18
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel : 04 8990375
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm

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