Haircut For Everyone

Yesterday everyone had a hair cut – Alycia, Sherilyn, Baby, kakak and even moi (my hair cut was an eleventh hour decision though, after my mum kept bugging me to cut my hair at that place. I had wanted to go to a more posh hair saloon). This place that my mum brought us to provides one of the cheapest no-frills hair cut in Ipoh. The saloon owner charges RM5 for kids, RM4 for toddlers and RM10 for adults. All in I only paid RM34 for all of us! Dirt cheap eh? And the hair saloon owner did a pretty good job too. I’m one who is really pernickety when it comes to choosing a hair saloon and I must give her credit for giving me a very nice layered hair cut.

For the first time (she has had 3 hair cuts previously), Baby did not bawl when it was her turn. I guess watching her 2 jie jies and kakak having their hair cut prepared her mentally before it was her turn. When it was finally her turn, she had her 2 doting jie jies comforting her… she was on the verge of crying – her lips started to droop and her eyes started to turn watery too!

Happy Boxing Day everyone! What’s for lunch today? Hmmmm, I’m craving for Chicken Boxing on a Boxing Day haha!

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