Lunch At YMCA Ipoh And Then To Secret Recipe For Desserts

Yesterday was a pigging out day from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  First we had dim sum at Yoke Foke Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum (I shall blog about this later).  Then we went to this restaurant at YMCA Ipoh for lunch.  This restaurant that serves halal food is run by Florex Restaurant and offers great tasting food at really affordable prices.

As we were all still feeling stuffed from the morning’s dim sum at Yoke Foke Moon, we only ordered noodles and 2 veggie dishes. My mum who is super sensitive to MSG and would get migrane attacks each time she eats food heavily laced with MSG requested the cook to omit the MSG from the dishes.  

Braised sang meen with chicken, mushroom slices and veggie.

Wat tan hor (Fried flat rice noodles with egg sauce and seafood).

Stir fried lai park veggie.

The restaurant, which is almost always packed. 

Don’t know what this hot pot is called.  It’s made up of some fried fish, some vegetarian stuff (made of tofu), prawns, mushrooms, dried oysters and an assortment of veggie.

Sing chau mai (Singaporen style fried vermicelli) which tasted like homecooked. It was non-salty and non-oily and even Baby ate it.

I would rate the food 7/10.  I like it that the food’s great tasting, affordable and most of all free from MSG.  Well, maybe not entirely free from MSG as the sauces used to cook the food would have some MSG in them.  The bill came up to almost RM70, inclusive of a pot of tea for a table of 7 adults and 3 kids (Baby also ate those noodles as they were not salty).  Pretty cheap eh?

After lunch at YMCA, my dad suggested that we have some cakes at Secret Recipe and to sit and chit chat.  It’s a rare opportunity that our entire family got together to eat and chit chat – my big bro and his wife from Singapore, my younger brother from KL, my parents, my 3 kids and I. The only person missing was the hubs who had to return to KL to attend to his biz.

Here’s our choice of cakes:

Golden Nuggets (new flavour). Nothing to shout about. I find the caramalized nuts a tad too sweet for my palate.

Oreo cheesecake and choco mud cake.

Walnut brownies with chocolate sauce. This one, iLikey!

Durian cheesecake and a sugar-free moist chocolate cake (pic not taken as I was in the loo with the gals!) Love the sugar-free moist choco cake as it was not sweet at all.  The durian cheesecake was also very delish and durian fans would love it.

Later in the evening, we headed to the newly opened Hoi Seng Restaurant in Ipoh Garden for a sumptuous dinner (shall blog about this later).  Phoof, what a great day pigging out and enjoying Ipoh food.  We also had famous Ipoh ngar choi kai and chicken with hor fun (flat rice noodles), Kg Simee’s hawkers’ food and Tuck Kee fried noodles last week.    Thank goodness the red needle did not budge to the right on the weighing machine as I have been working out extra hard and extra long running by the scenic Ipoh limestone hills and inhaling the fresh, crisp and cool morning breeze for 35-40 mins every morning!

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