Homemade Pandan Kaya

During our stay in Ipoh, my parents made kaya four times. The first batch of kaya was SO delish that they were polished off within 2-3 days. The second time round, my mum wanted to try making kaya using the crockpot/slow cooker. But she had forgotten to turn the heat to low when we went shopping. When we came home, the pot of kaya became half pudding, half kuih! She made the 3rd batch yesterday and today, made the fourth batch using crockpot again! I eat the kaya like I would ice-cream – put it in a bowl and slurp it into my mouth!

My dad squeezing the pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) inside a muslin cloth bag (or use a clean white nappy) to extract the juice…

My dad slogging over the hot stove to stir the pot of kaya….

Freshly made kaya slathered on toasts – this is Sherilyn’s dessert…

Baby loves them too. Everyone in the family loves homemade kaya to bits. 

My dad and mum’s homemade pandan kaya are made with free range chicken eggs and freshly squeezed pandan juice.  The recipe is simple:

1) 1 bowl eggs
2) 1 bowl santan (fresh coconut milk). Make sure the santan is fresh so that the kaya will be aromatic and no rancid taste.
3) 1 bowl sugar (my mum reduced the sugar to slightly less than half a bowl)
4) Juice from 2 bunches of pandan leaves with no added water.

For caramel kaya, scoop up about 2 tablespoons of sugar from the 1/2 bowl of sugar and cook it till the sugar becomes brown (caramel). Then pour the caramel into the pot of kaya when it’s almost ready (check the consistency – some people like it thick, some like it a tad diluted and some like it a tad cuddled like porridge texture).

Our fourth batch of pandan kaya is brewing in the crockpot, almost ready and I’ve already polished off a few tablespoons! Shall blog about Crockpot Kaya next!

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