Delectable Homemade Breads And Bread Spread

Before my parents came to KL 1.5 weeks ago, I had a special request for my favorite sugar-reduced homemade kaya. And so my dear mum and dad slogged over the stove for hours and made me these bread spreads:

L to R : Pandan kaya with extra eggs, sugar-free peanut butter, caramel kaya, reduced-sugar strawberry jam and pineapple jam.

The bread spreads went really well with these delish breads which my mil baked:

Rye bread with moh far koa (figs) and roasted walnuts…

Carrot bread with sunflower seeds…

With such delectable homemade breads and bread spreads (not forgetting my mil’s homemade cakes and cookies), I have been gorging on these carbs everyday. I tell ya, I just love bread and kaya and can never get enough of them. And it is largely because of this that I have to pull myself up from bed at 5:45am each morning (before my 3 brats wake up) to run the calories away hah!

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22 thoughts on “Delectable Homemade Breads And Bread Spread

  1. Shireen, you are so blessed to have these two wonderful mothers.

    By the way, you wake up so early to jog, then do you nap in the afternoon?

    I salute you for having such strong determination to wake so early. I want to slim down, but I can never sacrifice my sleep la!

  2. haha, you wake up earlier than my maid! i can never forego my morning sleep, already my son wakes me up at 730am i am complaining. btw, would your mil consider selling her breads? i’m serious. pm me.

  3. wow, those bread really look nice la. your mil using bread maker 2 make this? I tried few times 2 make bread manually la but not as nice as yours la, really give up liao!!

  4. wuah seh….these spreads are really ‘valuable’ man, no $$ can buy lor πŸ˜€ lucky u
    even for a non-bread person like me, i felt like eating yr bread & spread, hahaha

  5. Sheoh Yan… I nap for about 10-20 minutes each day when I put Baby to sleep. To lose weight, must sacrifice a little lar πŸ™‚

    Irene…. We won’t know what price to put on the bread coz most of the ingredients are quite costly, eg. the walnuts, cranberries, red wine, figs, organic rye flour and of course electricity! If ppl are willing to pay RM12-15 per loaf of walnut cranberry bread, then we can consider.

    Sun Sun… my mil made the breads manually, letting the breads ferment for almost 19 hours.

    Jacsc… yup, those spreads are really valuable and delish!

  6. Pandan Kaya
    1 bowl first santan (NO water added)
    1 bowl eggs (about 4 or 5)
    1 bowl sugar (I reduced to half)
    1 bunch pandan leaves(grind to extract pure juice WITHOUT any water)
    1) Mix all well in a stainless steel pot.
    2) Cook on VERY LOW heat for about
    1 hour, stirring NON-STOP till the
    desired consistency is attained.

  7. waaaah amazing lah..ur 2 mothers are superwoman, and u too! if i live near your house, i will ask for ‘pao for sik’ from u lah πŸ™‚ from kids meal to adult’s food – the yummy drooly bread!

  8. do u mind sharing those bread recipes?? I am dying to try my hand on baking a good loaf of bread.

    You are soooo lucky to have a MIL that can cook and bake well. I want that kind of MIL too. Envy envy!!!

    me too, I love kaya. Ever since I know how to make it, I make it very often now.

  9. Shireen you’re so lucky!
    I’m a bread person. I think RM12-15 for bread is not expensive considering the quality of nuts and fruits in it. In Dsara Heights/ Sri Hartamas a cranberry walnut bread sells for RM8.80. Less ingredients than what I see in your MiL’s bread

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