Our 2010 New Year’s Eve Celebration

We had a very sumptuous BBQ dinner at the poolside of our condo with some close friends last night.

Daddy bought balloons, party hats and party whistles for the kids…

My plate of Wagyu beef and saba fish…

There were lots of delectable grub ranging from Wagyu beef, saba (mackeral) fish, sausages to fettuccine, spaghetti, grilled chicken, fresh shiitake blended mushroom soup, grilled lamb loin, fish and chips, onion rings, french fries, nuggets, salad and much more. Head over to my hubs’ catering blog to view pix of the delectable spread of food.

Baby happily putting her pressies on the chair…

SO much left over food, enough to feed us for another 2-3 days for lunch and dinner!

After dinner, we went up to our unit to count down.  Everyone watched with awe the spectacular display of fireworks at the Dataran Merdeka / KL area from the 5th floor of our unit.  After count down, we had red wine, white wine and champagne whilst the kids played and watched cartoon.  Baby who had missed her afternoon nap dozed off at 10pm during her bath in my arms haha!    Everyone hit the sack at 2ish am and only woke up at 11ish am. I for once woke up at 7am which is considered SOOOOOO late. I’m just not used to seeing a brightly lit sky when I open my eyes!

Here’s wishing everyone a very, very happy, blessed, prosperous, smooth sailing 2010!

How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

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