Baby C, The Bravest Baby Ever

Baby’s fever has subsided since yesterday. I will be bringing her to the hospital again soon. Our paed said that if she is fever-free for more than 24 hours, the antibiotics jabs can be stopped. My next hurdle is to feed her with oral antibiotics for the next 1-2 weeks. Today, we are to collect another urine specimen for culture, which means more stress for me. It ain’t easy collecting urine from a baby or a toddler. Those of you who had gone through this would know what I mean.

Baby has been very, very, very brave and tough the past few days. Though she has a big bandage on her hand, with a needle poked into her hand with the IV catheter, she hasn’t complained of pain or fussed a wee bit. She even allowed the doctor to carry her… and she even said bye bye to me when I pretended to leave the hospital with the maid. When the nurse injected the antibiotics into her hand through the IV catheter, she did not budge or whine a wee bit. She just sat on the bed obediently and quietly while observing the nurse.

Baby who had no appetite for food or milk kept stuffing corn flakes into her mouth when she saw the box of cornflakes in the hospital room when we went to the hospital yesterday morning. I’m glad that her appetite is slowly returning. I was a tad shocked when the nurse told me that there is Ketone detected in her urine. Ketone will be present when a person is malnourished or has not been eating. Baby hadn’t eaten much solids or drank milk for 2 days.

Baby obediently sat still whilst watching the nurse inject the antibiotics into her hand through the IV catheter.

Baby with the paed. She seems to have a liking for this doctor!

Baby feeding her favorite jie jie. Her hand is covered with a clean plastic bag during bath times and meal times. She would scream if anyone tries to remove the plastic bag from her hand. It’s as if she knows that the bandaged cannot be wet or dirtied and the needle cannot be removed, else she has to go through pain again.

Stay tuned for more updates….

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