Fruitless And Stressful Day

It was a fruitless, stressful and super frustrating day for me yesterday. My maid and I had spent the whole day coaxing Baby to pee into the specimen bottle but she just would not cooperate. I kid you not, we really spent the whole day from 9:30am through 5ish pm with lunch break and short breaks in between, saying “shee shee, shee shee, quick shee shee, don’t waste time, if you don’t shee shee we can’t go home….” again and again and again.  I was so frustrated that I even said many hurtful things to her.  She peed everywhere but just not into the bottle or the urine bag. I wanted to pull my hair, tear my skin out and cry. It was so, so, so frustrating. I knew she wanted to pee but she just held her urine and resisted peeing into the bottle when I carried her.  She struggled, pulled my white gold necklace and it snapped!  Boy was I enraged.  At home, she struggled again and cried till she puked with vomit dropping into the specimen bottle!

Today, we have to try collecting the pee again. The thought of collecting pee now makes me sick. I hope we don’t have to wait the whole day again today. My maid and I wasted all our time yesterday at the hospital and at home waiting for Her Royal Highness to pee, aargh!!

From morning……

… we waited through evening, yet My Royal Highness just wouldn’t wanna pee into the bottle!

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