Baby ‘Discharged’ From Hospital

Yesteray I tried using the potty method to collect Baby’s pee.  I used 2 sterilizing tablets to sterilize the potty prior to getting Baby to pee inside. After she had peed, I poured the pee into the sterile specimen bottle.

The results still showed some WBC, though reduced significantly. When I told the paed about my method of collecting the pee, he straight away wrote on the report “Urine contaminated” coz this method is not a ‘clean catch’ method and in the medical term, the urine will be deemed as contaminated.

Long story cut short (rushing to go to church now), Baby has been ‘discharged’ (no more antibiotics thru IV) and is now on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks. A repeat urine culture is to be done next week. Though we were supposed to be hospitalized, we were home most of the time as we were on home leave.

I’ll leave you here with some pix taken at the hospital yesterday:

Rascal #2 thinks it’s so fun eating at the hospital and polished off the lunch provided by the hospital.

Alycia goofing around in the room.

The nurse removing the IV catheter from Baby’s hand.  Check out Baby’s expression here but this little trooper didn’t fuss or whine a wee bit.  She’s really the bravest baby I have ever met.

The IV catheter being removed.

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